KHT AVIATION is the specialized business of our group which operating mainly in Aviation industry. Through understanding the air cargo market, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of services to meet customers’ requirements with the most optimized and economical solutions which offer them to forward their cargo on airlines carriers to the final destinations. More than ever, we are committed to quality, flexibility, simplicity and professionalism to serve your demand of air cargo transportation.

KHT AVIATION was formed in 2011, as a member of company group with seniority in the fields of manufacturing, trading and financial investment. Our shareholder, with many-year experience in aviation, we are confident to offer short-term and long-term airfreight solutions for the market during Covid-19 pandemic and after. Moreover, we are also supporting financial solutions for SME forwarders able to send their air cargo on national and international airlines with our finance guarantee on those carriers and our professional services.

KHT AVIATION provides air cargo transportation on commercial charter flights, Passenger and Cargo GSSA/ GSA, Airline Representative, CSA of National and International Airlines, cargo handling services. Our team with proven experience in the aviation industry will assist you find the most suitable and affordable solutions for your business.

As the far vision in the great demand and develop constantly of air cargo transportation, KHT has sufficient advantages for striving and growing to become one of leading company specialized in serving air transportation needs and orient our integration into global aviation industry.

We aims to support airline partners in their strategic regional expansion plans and optimize their performance on worldwide network.


Our mission is to be the FIRST CHOICE of our customers and the MOST VALUED for our airlines partner
Ensure prompt and reliable service at a fair price for our customers in nation and worldwide
Providing a profitable solutions for our airline partners


Together let’s make sustainable air transportation a reality for the future generation
To be National Champion in GSA business and Total Cargo Management activities
To be a reputable rank of regional GSA’s network
To be a trustworthy with top quality service, safety and profitability